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Global Trade Chain (GTC) - Decentralized Network

Our decentralized network brings together suppliers, buyers, logistics and insurance companies, financial institutions, Trade and Industry Chambers, and customs authorities, utilizing artificial intelligence and smart contract technologies to ensure secure, transparent, and efficient transactions. Join GlobalTradeChain and become part of the future of global trade toda

Secure Transactions - Blockchain technology

Global Network - International interaction

Transparent Operations - Open ledger

Process Automation - Smart contracts

Participant Integration - All parties included

Become the best with GlobalTradeChain.

GlobalTradeChain offers a wide range of services for participants in international trade, uniting suppliers, buyers, and logistics companies within a single, secure, and efficient ecosystem. Our services include

Blockchain-based trading operations: Ensuring the security and transparency of transactions through the use of smart contracts.

AI-optimized logistic solutions: Optimizing the delivery of goods using artificial intelligence to reduce costs and delivery times.

Financing and insurance of transactions: Offering integrated solutions for financing and insuring transactions, reducing risks for all participants.

Verification and rating of participants: Building trust among participants through a verification and rating system.

Consultancy services: Providing expert knowledge and support in the field of international trade, blockchain, and innovative technologies

High efficiency and security in global trade.

GlobalTradeChain team and partners

Easy B2B  


​Key benefits:

Integrated Management

Intuition and artificial intelligence

Electronic document management

Anti-crisis solutions

Process optimization

affiliate program

Blockchain Security

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Quickly search for products on B2B exchanges
Smart contract trading algorithm
AI for deal analysis
Participation of all parties on one platform
Openness and globality at a new level
Unified directory of goods and services

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Private & Secure

Process integration:
Ordering goods
Signing the contract
Cargo insurance
Expert control
Transaction financing
Customs procedure

Get Started in Three Steps



 become a member of the platform, pay for the service and accept the operating rules


Order a product

AI will select the best deals for you, conduct negotiations, and provide a choice of suppliers


Pay for the contract

select the appropriate payment and delivery method, order necessary services

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Start trading securely today

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